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Communication Planning & Issues Management


Planning for a good outcome to create better return on investment or managing your way out of a bad situation with a strong reputation intact is actually just like two sides of a coin. A strong communication strategy can make all the difference in the toss.

Communication Planning

Planning and executing a successful communication strategy can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to grow and cement their place in the market by appropriate engagement with other businesses and building loyalty amongst customers.

Not only that, a communication strategy designed for specific projects or goals gives you the tools you’ll need to increase your ability to manage organisational risks such as reputation and project delay.

Comms&Co. will take a step back, look at the big picture and then work out all the communication parts of the picture that are needed for a successful project. Creating a strategy that gives you a plan in how to tie in media, online, visual communication and stakeholder engagement activities is our specialty.

Issues Management

When there’s a noise that won’t go away, a serious media issue or you’re the focus of a major community campaign that is holding up your projects and spreading misinformation, the best tool you can reach for is communication.

Meaningful, targeted and effective communication can help put out the spot fires and assist you to get your message out.

Comms&Co. have worked in Local Government, State Government and the private sector, advised during times of natural disasters and worked on projects that were not only disliked, but large, stinky, noisy, and long.

Comms&Co. know the way around issues, how to explain them, how to cut through the clutter and how to get the most important information out and understood. Not only that, we will work alongside you to manage your way through them for the best possible outcome.